HTC Touch Keyboard

HTC Touch Keyboard

Easy-to-use alternative to the HTC keyboard


  • Large keypad
  • Predictive text entry and spelling correction
  • Available for five different languages


  • No Japanese version

Very good

One of the few faults with the HTC device is that the built-in keyboard is a little awkward to use. Its small size really puts a limit on its usability, meaning that if you need to type long documents or messages you can spend hours doing so, when it would take minutes on a standard keyboard.

HTC Touch Keyboard is designed to rectify this problem, increasing the accuracy of your key presses and thus the writing speed.

To achieve this, the program increases the size of the keys to occupy nearly three-quarters of your screen.

You can choose between a standard QWERTY layout or one similar to a phone keypad, where each key contains three letters, making its size even bigger.

Like the default keyboard, HTC Touch Keyboard includes its own predictive text system, along with correction and replacement of words. It's even available in five different language character sets, making it great for English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese speakers.

If you're frustrated by the small size of the built-in keyboard on the HTC, this application makes for a very usable alternative.

HTC Keyboard is an application for the HTC device that is designed to help you improve your productivity by making it easier to input type onto the screen.

The program is available in five different language types and is laid out in such a way as to make it easier to hit the right keys when typing.

HTC Touch Keyboard


HTC Touch Keyboard

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  • by Anonymous

    bad one..
    dear it is not in russian,you can check it had all other language inputs other than russian. ...   More